👉🏻Back! Again! 👈🏻

Hey, guys! I recently created a YouTube channel. If you wanna go ahead and check it out, my channel name is “Heartless Lucy”. And for those of you that think it’s cringe, try looking at what Danielle Cohen is doing on her page. SHE TRIES TO “BELLY DANCE”.

Okay. Anyway, it’s been a difficult couple of months. And I finally decide it’s time to edit my website. I am so careless.

There has been a lot of  drama in my school, but I seriously don’t think I should share it all because I can only handle so much. And if the other person involved in this finds out that I shared this stupid thing to the whole world, that person is gonna get, like, SO PISSED OFF and so will I.

And also, my career of being a YouTuber is sort of slowing down, so I would totally appreciate it if you would go ahead and freakin’ SUB TO ME ALREADY (sorry guys, after I went over this again to see if I had any mistakes, I was totally in full rage mode. I apologize, and this probably won’t ever happen again.)

So I know this was short, but this laptop is getting hot so um bye.